The Exclusive "Raining Sales Webinar"

Move From "Dripping Sales" to "Raining Sales"

Discover The Little known Online Selling Secrets You Can Apply To Significantly Boost Your Sales.

In a Private and Highly Exclusive Webinar...

I Reveal - What Myself and other Online Marketers & Super Affiliates (who started with Little to No Experience) Are Doing 'Behind The Scenes' To Literally Get Tormented By "New Sales Alerts" Very Often in a Week

And Exactly What You Should Do Next That Will Instantly Put You At An Unfair Advantage Over Other Regular Online Marketers or Affiliates"

How to Open A Floodgate of Sales,

Make Good Money Daily And Get Pampered with Mind-blowing Gifts, Treats and Benefits While At It.

Dear Friend,

If you would like to start selling more digital Products than you’ve ever sold,

And enjoy a plethora of Exclusive Benefits for selling more of certain digital Products.

Mouth watering benefits & Gifts including but not limited to:

Expensive Gadgets, Cars, All Expense Paid Trips to the finest Locations in Africa, All expense Paid Tours to Multiple Countries across Europe and many more.


Then you’ll need to read the rest of this page very carefully and act on it while you still have the chance to.


And I’ll tell you why.


My name is Michael Olatunji and in the space of 5 years,

I've helped over 5,000 Nigerians Significantly Boost their Income.

A lot of these guys became Millionaires through my programs.

Infact, some of them have gone to make over N50M in less than 2 years from what I teach.

How did I help them achieve this?

Well I did that by introducing them to a Unique Business Model I stumbled upon a little over 7 years ago when I was dead broke, in debt and desperate for a way out of my Misfortunes.


It all started when one day, a British guy (who I still believe was an Angel sent by God himself to come to my Aid) sent me a Facebook DM introducing me to this Business that would get me to earn in Foreign Currencies.


And after taking a risk by borrowing hundreds of pounds to learn from this Guy,


It paid off because it turned out to be..

Highly Profitable
Yet Shockingly Uncommon
To The African Market

And within a few short years, I was already known as the leading entrepreneur in this Business in the whole of Africa.


And no, this isn’t a fancy title you give just anyone.


Whoever is referred in that light must be really deserving of it especially with the results he/she is pulling in


For example, last year alone, I generated a little over

$1M in Sales

Now depending on your Status and beliefs, it may not seem like so much money


But being an Entrepreneur running this Business from a Country like Nigeria and earning that in USD.


You will agree with me that, it’s really not a Bad Figure.


And it won’t be out of place if I say, I’ve used the knowledge I’ve gained over the years to make some good money for myself.


And most importantly, I’ve helped several other regular people across the country and beyond to make multiple 8 figures from this Amazing Business.

For example...

Tamilore Adewuyi

“literarily the best decision I’ve made so far, made 10s of millions”

Akinlami Praise

“From an Average Abuja boy to a Multimillionaire”


“Chilling in Dubai (all expense paid), thanks to CPA Affiliate Marketing”


“Made $16k in less than 4 months, now I can live the life I’ve always wanted”

Infact, there are so many other Testimonials, so large in size if we bring all of them together, 


that I had to host them on a Google drive to conveniently contain all of them.


I’m telling you all these not to brag but to highlight an important and obvious fact – that my stuff works and it has been proven to bring Amazing Results to all who apply it.


All you just need to do is have access to any of my programs and apply what you learn and

You MUST Get Results!

Over 500 Testimonials can’t be wrong.


And by now you are probably wondering – What in the world is this Special Business?


I tell you in simple terms what is involved.


You see it involves helping certain International brands and Business get more paying clients (mostly in the foreign Market) and getting paid in hard currency for doing just that.


So we basically make more Sales for them and we earn a commission for doing that 


And it’s paid in dollars.

Sometimes Pounds or Euros


You get the point.


I’ve been able to do at least $1M in Sales in the last year alone.


There are not many people who can pull such results.


And I’m not telling this to brag but to make you see another very crucial point.


That I’m great at selling on the Internet.


And after selling Millions of Dollars worth of Products online.


I can say for a Fact that I know…

Exactly What To Do
To Make Crazy Sales
On the Internet

Be it selling:



I know some Amazing Strategies that work irrespective of who you’re selling to.


And some secret strategies that’s only Popular amongst the Big Marketers.


And that’s why, in a bid to share some of these secrets, Tips, Hacks and strategies to more people who would like to sell more of a digital Product.


Especially products like the ones I put out there that’s bringing Mind blowing results for people; My Best selling Programs


I thought to test an Idea in Mid December 2021.


I tried something out as a Test...

Which Turned Out to Be
One of The Most
Financially Rewarding Things
For The People Who Keyed In Fast.

Here’s what I did,


I opened a small test group for people who are interested in selling more Digital Products online.


I brought them to my Exclusive Webinar and shared a lot of my best “Raining Sales Secrets”


I also invited 2 Top Marketers who apply the Raining Sales Secrets in their Business


One of them is a Mentee of Mine who has made over N100M from WhatsApp alone in a Few Short years.


I invited them to share more ideas, tips and strategies on my Exclusive Webinar.


Then I plugged then with all the necessary resources they need to succeed in selling my Top selling Programs for mouth watering commission.


What happened next was shocking.


Within a Few Short Weeks, some of them (who started with Little to No Experience) started to get Crazy Mind-blowing Results.


And in Couple weeks, I was already disbursing 7 Figures to about 10 high Performing Mentees.


We only started in Mid December and in the first week of January (less than 3 weeks later)

I had paid out a Total of…

N1,565,000 in Commissions!

to a Handful of my Affiliates.


Infact, you don’t have to take my word for it.


Here are what some of them are saying

"I made over N600k in less than 1 month of joining this Program!"

"I made over N400k in profit in 2 weeks after joining this Program!"

"I made over N100k in profit in less than a week promoting his offers!"

"I've done close to N500k in pure profits!"

And since I launched the Test group till date, 

I’ve paid over N4,000,000 in Commissions to my Affiliates.


That’s not even the crazy part.


The crazy part for me is that these guys came in with Little to No Experience and expertise.


Infact, most of them where Affiliating for 

The very First time
in their Entire Lives!

Yet, they happened to pull in such Amazing Results within a short time.


All due to the “Raining Sales Secrets” I shared with them along with some special materials and Campaign Strategies I hooked them up with.


And now you have the chance to be a part of my forthcoming “Raining Sales Webinar” 


It will be an Intensive 2 hrs 30 mins of Sharing some of my Best Sales Secrets, Tips and Strategies.


That would….

Instantly move you from
Dripping Sales to Raining Sales

Get ready to be blown away by this Exclusive Webinar Session


Do you have something to sell?


If so you can use the “Raining Sales Secrets” I’ll be sharing in this Webinar to sell way more Digital Products than you ever believed you could sell.


Would you like to get Exclusive access to several Mouth watering benefits & Gifts including:

For simply selling more of certain digital Products and earning a Commission.

It means you're getting Pampered for making good money for yourself!

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then you should join my Upcoming Private Exclusive Webinar.

Here's a Tip of what you'll be learning in this Value-Loaded Webinar with me.

1. The "Raining Sales" Trifecta of the Business of Selling other People's Products
(Value N35,000)

In this session I’ll open your eyes to the 3 key things you need to focus on, to successfully unlock Consistent Sales and have it rushing in like clockwork.

2. The 2 Proven Ways to Get more Eyes on the Product you're promoting and how best to utilize them for more Sales.
(Value N20,000)

I’ll be sharing these proven methods and highlighting the benefits of one over the other, and how you can get the eyes of Mostly people who are more likely to buy from you.


One of these methods costs nothing to apply but takes time while the other requires some investment but it is faster.


I’ll be sharing Little known Tips and Hacks involved in using each of them.


Because more good eyes on your products = More Sales

3. The Perfect-Buyer Image Creation Process
(Value N50,000)

Here I’ll be sharing the first step to apply to successfully sell any product

How do you know
who you should sell to?

How do you get the exact personalities, traits, likes, dislikes and problems of your Target Buyer.


This will help you know all you need to know about the Perfect Buyer for your product.


Skip this Step and you’ll always be confused who you should sell to…or worse make the mistake of selling to everyone.

4. Qualification & Conversion Tactics

In this session, I’ll be sharing some of my Top effective strategies,

I use to…

Turn strangers into Desperate Buyers

And exactly how to separate the Unserious prospects from the serious buyers.


This will show you how to not waste your time on people who are not going to buy from you.


Because you’ll meet people who are only there to waste your time.


And You need to know how to detect and avoid them.


You’ll also learn how to successfully close those who are most likely to buy.


Because you can get people who are willing to buy from you but if you’re not experience in the Art of Closing them, then you’ll most likely lose that sale.


And they’ll go to someone who can close them better.


And give “your money” to that person

(This part of the training is worth over N50,000)

5. Raining Sales Secrets of the Top Online Marketers and Super Affiliates
(Value N150,000)

Here, I’ll be sharing some of the Unconventional strategies, Secrets and Hacks that I and some “TOP GUNS” in this Business of selling Online, 


use to generate Ridiculous earnings that many people would be tempted to call ‘Blood Money’ when they see one of our Weekly earnings


Infact some Top Online Marketers and Super Affiliates may not forgive me by the time I’m done with this Session.


Because of how much secrets I’ll be revealing here.


I’ll leave no stone unturned.

6. Intro to our Top Proven Hot Selling Products

Here, I’ll be introducing you to some of our hot selling products that have made the most money for people who sell them.


Especially Absolute beginners and people with no Prior experience.


I’ll show you why it sells like crazy.


And most importantly, exactly how you can sell it better and faster.


We’ve tested several things, spent a lot of time, burned a lot of money too.


You don’t have to spend that much time or money to discover what works best.


I will simply hand over the Blueprint to you during this Intensive Webinar. 


(The Value of this is worth N40,000)

7. Insider look into the Super Affiliate Sales Pumping Setup
(Value N250,000)

Here you’ll learn our Super Affiliate Cheatcode that our Affiliates use,


that puts them at an unfair Advantage against other Affiliates.


This setup was developed by the finest Marketers and Tech Developers to help serve as a “Sales Pumping Engine” from my Super Affiliates.


This means that while they learn and apply what they learn,


They are also connected to a setup that helps them “Pump in Sales” while making money in the Process.

This is a game changer!

Because it has taken care of a huge chunk of the Load.


We’ve employed the services of a:


-Facebook Ad Expert


-Graphic Designer

-Tech Developer


and a bunch of other experts to help set this up.


And take away the stress, pain and uncertainty in getting that done.


The Amazing thing about this is that you can basically duplicate the same idea to sell any other Digital Product.


I’ll show you exactly how this works and you’ll learn our best kept secrets.


Like I said, this alone is a Massive Instant game changer.


And you can’t find this anywhere else.


The Value of this is worth well over N250,000

Now if you look at what you're getting from this Training alone, you'll see that the:

Total Value = N625,000

The Secrets & Strategies I'll be sharing in this Webinar...

...are responsible for generating over $3M in Sales for myself and my Students.

I know if I put the training at that price,


Even if it’s Totally worth it, not a lot of people will be able to afford it and gain access.


That’s why I’ve decided to give you exclusive access to this Webinar Session at a Ridiculous Price.

Why? Two reasons.

1. I want to help as many people as I can.


I’ve told you how what I teach has brought massive results for many people.


And everyday I wake up to a New Testimonial, it warms my heart. 

The Joy I feel is overwhelming!


So why not just lower the barrier to entry and get more people results?


Not everyone will take action I know, but the more people have access to this.


The more people who would take action and get solid results.


If I wanted to really charge for this, I would most likely charge 6 figures because of the Immense value in the Webinar.

But the goal is not to make money but empower people.

Infact I could even make it free, 


but 5 years of coaching several people across Africa via Paid and Free programs have thought me something – People don’t value FREE and people pay attention when they Pay.


That’s why what I’ll ask here will serve mostly as a form of commitment from you.


So you don’t just Value this Intensive Session but also pay attention.


Which is why, today, you can book your spot for my forthcoming Raining Sales Webinar for only N5,000.


That’s a great bargain, compared to what you’ll learn from this session.


Imagine applying what you learn and sell a N40,000 Course that gives you a 50% commission.


Just 1 sale; N20,000 profit.


Which is already 4x what you booked your spot with.


And what you learn in this session gives you the chance to make as many sales as possible, not just 1


And you can apply it to selling any digital Product.


I think you’ll agree with me that this is a good bargain.


However, if you're a fast action taker, then I'll do something extra for you.

If you’re among the first 100 people to make payment by clicking the button below (transferring the money to the account or paying online)


If you do that Now, you can get in for only N2999 instead of the already Massively discounted rate of N5,000


I love fast action takers because in my experience, they are usually the ones who get Massive Results,


Because they apply what they learn very fast and they grab opportunities as they come.


so I’ll also add a special bonus if you’re able to get in for only N2,999 today, 

you’ll also get:


The Sell More Report

This is a Report developed by an Online Marketer, a close colleague who has sold 9 figure worth of Products Online for his clients.


He reveals easy Actionable Steps you can take to start selling more on the Internet.


And it applies to ANY type of product.


So you’re getting double dose of Online Selling Secrets. (One for myself, one from him)


And Instead of charging you $49 for it, like he has done in the past.


He will be giving you for FREE just for being part of the Fast Action Takers.


Marketing and Sales eBook

I’ll also give you 25 Sales and Marketing eBooks that Significantly Impacted my Online Selling Skill and Transformed my Results.


I’ll give you All 25 Loaded eBooks for FREE! (Value $300)


I’m sure by now, you’ll agree with me that you are getting an Amazing offer here.


Let me remind you that you get all of these for FREE if you’re part of those who take action NOW,


and get in for N2,999 instead of an Already Massively Discounted Rate of N5,000


It’s an Exclusive Webinar Session so Spots are highly Limited.


So if you want to secure your spot alongside all these Bonuses, then click the button below NOW!


You’ll get Instant Access to this Webinar Training as well as the Bonuses once you make payment.


And when the price changes from N2,999 to N5,000, you won’t have access to the Multiple Bonuses.


So now is the best time to take action and secure your Bonuses.


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STEP 2: After payment, send a WhatsApp message (not a text message. Not phone calls please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS,  and Proof of payment to my WhatsApp (button below will redirect you to my WhatsApp).

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